Taller than Stories



On Saturday, I had the opportunity to photograph my friends’ band Taller than Stories in Hyde Park (Landaaaaan).

We did a little informal shoot (I still have a bunch of stuff to edit), and had some coffee by the duck pond. I would have liked to have taken the guys into central and got some nice urban shots, but alas, time was short.

It rained right until we packed up, but the guys told me they wanted a serious-toned shoot anyway (which suits me! haha).

I’ll upload the final shots, once I’ve showed the band. Until then, make sure to check them out.




This was originally a RAW file that made it’s way through VSCO and then Facebook. Ahh the compression…

Rawww yeah.

andrew-colour3Andrew colourbw.jpg


For the longest time I’ve wanted to dabble in shooting in RAW format, but after many hiccups and much confusion I put it to the side.

Until today that is… and I blooming love it.